Next month we are going to have a MASSIVE pancake day at Pete's house. At school we celebrated pancake day by making HUGE pancakes with lemon, honey, sugar and, my favourite, chocolate spread. I ate so many my tummy hurt. I told my grandma when I got home all about the pancakes, and how I was really sleepy and full after eating 8 pancakes with chocolate spread and she said "I wish someone would make pancakes for me!" so that is exactly what my friends and I are going to do!

My grandma always tells me how lonely it can be when you are old and "you aren't lucky enough to live with a Mitali and his family like me", so we have decided to organise a pancake day for grandma and her friends.

My dad and mum are going to help us to do the shopping. Everyone is going to choose a pancake topping, I think everyone will want chocolate spread. Pete wants to make pancakes with strawberries and honey. Teefa is convinced that old ladies like banana and cheese on their pancakes! Yuck!

It's going to be great; I just hope the ladies like the pancakes and make friends.

Do you know any old people you could make pancakes for?