Callum's really cool, he is 14 and even though he's at the big school he always plays with me. He told Anna and I that next time he'd bring some of his friends with him from the big school. Anna's really good at football and she's a girl!

Callum was the goalie but Anna still managed to score three goals! The only problem was that when I got home grandma told me off for being muddy. She says it's my fault that there's mud on the carpet .

I hope she doesn't tell my mum. She's always telling me off for bringing mud in the house on my trainers but I can't help it, we always get muddy playing in the park. It's not fair, and I don't like it when they shout.

There was that time when Digby had mud all over his paws from digging in the garden, and Anna let go of his lead and he ran into the house, shaking water and mud everywhere. My grandma went red when she saw the mess, and her eyes started bulging like the Tyranosaurus Rex Miss Dixon told us about in history. I thought she'd never stop shouting at me, I was really scared but Anna just laughed and ran off with Digby.

On Saturday we went to my sister Jamilla's wedding. She married her boyfriend Milan. He's really tall and helps me fix my computer. He always pretends he's fixing it when my sister is shouting at him to do chores, 

When they got married she was very happy. I know she was happy because she only told me off once when I tripped over the back of her dress. She looked very pretty - everyone said so - especially the aunties. Amar, my nine year old cousin, and I kept running away from the aunties. The worst thing is when you're surrounded by them in a circle. They always say the same thing "Mitali, you are so big now, come and kiss your auntie, come and eat something." or "Ah Mitali, my A-class student, are you still top of the class? You are so clever. Amar you should be more like Mitali, he always does his studies and is such a good boy."

Amar always laughs, dodges their arms, and escapes, so I end up getting kisses and lipstick on my face. The worst bit of all is when they squeeze your cheeks. They hold on tight for a long time so that it hurts, but you can't speak to tell them to let go!

We had a really good time at the party, running away from the aunties. We chased all the cousins too, and Amar tied streamers in Auntie Ruby's hair. She is really old, and had fallen asleep with her mouth open on the sofa, It was naughty but she looked really funny. I kept thinking she was going to wake up but luckily she kept snoring.

We danced a lot at the party, everyone was dancing and lots of Milan's friends kept lifting me up and dancing me around, it was really funny. I love dancing, but boys at school don't dance and the bigger boys in 4a laughed at me in the Christmas assembly when they played "Is this the way to Amarillo?" They said it's stupid to dance because only girls dance, but my cousin Amar says that is rubbish and he is 9.