Not everyone understands my situation. Sometimes in school I get teased about it and some mean kids don't believe I have a mum and dad at all. Some really nasty girls say that my mum doesn't love me and she doesn't want to be with me. These sorts of comments can really hurt me and sometimes they even make me angry, but then I chat to my parents on the phone and they tell me how much they love me. My Grandma tells me how mature I am. I like that word mature. It means I am acting like a grown up even though I am only little. It's really good when you can be ‘mature' about a tricky situation.

One day I came home crying and feeling pretty rubbish about living with my Grandma. When I got in through the door, I hid my face from Grandma and tried to act normal.  Grandma may be old, but she doesn't miss a thing. She knew immediately that something was bothering me. I think she is an expert in knowing when something is wrong, probably because she has been a mummy for such a long time! I told her that children at school had called me ‘odd' because I lived with her.

After listening to my horrible day, my Grandma did something she rarely does. She got out my dad's old lap top and after it had whirred into action she went onto the internet and searched for people who have lived with their grandparents. Well.....I was shocked! Did you know that Barack Obama was raised by his grandparents? He is the first black President of the United States of America. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America and one of the most powerful people in the world, was raised by his Grandparents!!

This fact has helped me sooooo much, and now I know that there are lots and lots of children just like me who live with their granny or auntie or a friend of the family, for lots of different reasons. Like me they need to remember that although our family situations may be different, they're not ‘odd' but special. Sometimes children like me need to be mature. And as my Grandma says, I am MATURE!!