So what is Fairtrade? I wasn't sure, so I asked my sister when I went to visit her one day after hearing about it. She was surprised that I was asking about something so grown-up!

"Mitali, there are lot's of people whose job it is to grow and farm the things we use every day, like tea, cotton, and sugar. Fairtrade makes sure that they are getting paid enough money for what they make so that they can support their families and get all of the things they need too."

I understood what Jamilla was saying. But what does Fairtrade Fortnight do to help? My sister's husband Milan answered me.

"Fairtrade Fortnight is when people hold events to raise money and awareness about Fairtrade products, so that people will buy those things whenever they can. We buy bananas and coffee that have the Fairtrade label on them, so we know that the farmers who grew them received the money they deserve for them."

"So why have I never seen them?" I asked. If I had known about this, I would definitely ask my mum to buy Fairtrade stuff! Jamilla and Milan said maybe the local shop near my house didn't sell it. But then we all had a great idea! If I wrote a letter to the shop, maybe they would start selling Fairtrade products. So I got out a pencil and paper right there, and Jamilla and Milan helped me write a letter using words like "equality" (which means the same and fair for everyone) and "resources" (which means something that we use that can be bought or sold, and that we can run out of).

When I got home from my sister's house I was so excited about Fairtrade Fortnight that I got on my computer and looked it up online! My dad helped me find the website, and we read about all of the things that we can do in our community and at my school to help out.