My teacher told us to pick a topic to present to the class. We could talk about anything, our favourite day of the year, our pet (I knew Anna would talk about Digby) or a favourite toy.

I decided to talk about Diwali; it's my favourite time of the year that I celebrate with all my family because we are all Hindu. Hinduism is a very old religion, the oldest religion in the world! Most people in India are Hindu and it has more than 900 million followers worldwide! That's a lot of people!

We always celebrate Diwali at Amar’s house because he has the biggest garden and we can have more fireworks.

Diwali is known as the Hindu ‘Festival of Lights', that's why we have fireworks! I love fireworks! They make so many pretty colours that explode in the sky.

I love to think of all the people in India having fun with the fireworks as well. In India Diwali is a public holiday. Just like Christmas here, but it's not in December like Christmas. We usually celebrate Diwali in October or November but the exact date depends on the moon. The celebrations go on for five whole days!

I love having fun with all my family, especially with Amar. We are both very good at Indian dancing so dance together a lot during Diwali!
I can't wait to tell all my friends at school about it!