The Summer Fashion Show

Teefa is one of my best friends. Ahmeti is another, and then there is my cousin Lily in Holland who I love very much, but Teefa and I are, as my grandma says, two peas in a pod. We like lots of the same things. We both love the colour pink, clothes, dancing and fashion shows. My mum and our teacher Mrs Winter say we both talk too much, but I love talking to Teefa, even if we do talk very fast. We laugh and dance a lot, but sometimes we like the same things a bit too much.

Teefa and I wanted to raise some money for the RSPCA centre. They look after lots of animals without homes and we wanted to help them out. So we got our parents, Mrs Winter, our class and lots of our friends to help us organise a  fashion show at school. We decided not to buy or make any new clothes but to swap clothes for the day. We thought it would be a good idea if every one helped someone else dress up in their clothes and help them look really nice.

My favourite colour is pink. Teefa's favourite colour is pink. We both have pink shoes, pink earrings, pink bags. At parties we sometimes dress ALL in pink, right down to our socks, but we NEVER, EVER, EVER wear the same clothes. We want to be different. Neither of us wants anyone to laugh at us for wearing the same thing.

All this changed on the day of the fashion show. Teefa helped me dress in her favourite pinky-purple dress. It is the best and the prettiest dress ever! I love it! Ahmeti was dressing Teefa in the classroom next door. I was busy practising my dancing for the catwalk. I was very nervous about the show, there were going to be lots of people in the audience. I was practising walking on my tip-toes when there was a knock at the door.

I looked around and there stood Teefa, well half of Teefa, the other half was hiding on the other side of the door. I stopped dancing and looked for a moment,

 "No way!"

I gasped "you can't wear the same dress as me!"

"It'll be ok, Juney" Teefa whispered. She was looking down at her feet now. I could barely hear her. I imagined the people in the audience. I thought about all those snooty girls in the top class, the ones who laugh at you for any reason they can think of, and then I looked at Teefa. There was no way.

"They are just going to laugh at us Teefs!"

I could see the girls in front of me now, laughing....

"Get out of here! Go and get changed", I shouted, really loudly. In fact, I think I might have screamed at her to get out.

Teefa stared at me, she didn't say a word. A little tear slowly starting creeping down her cheek. Teefa was crying and it was all thanks to me. Stupid, mean, me. She turned her head and ran away.

I stood looking at the empty doorway. What could I do now? I was so sorry. I could not believe what had just come out of my mouth. If only I could take those words back, if only I had kept my mouth shut. I bit my tongue. I was so angry. Then I remembered Teefa. My best friend Teefa, who does so many nice things for me, who always stands up for me against anyone who ever says anything mean to me. I had made her cry. It was all my fault and I knew it.

I found Teefa staring at her pile of clothes on her desk. Ahmeti was talking quietly to her and giving her tissues. I walked slowly into the classroom. I had all the words ready in my head but my heart was beating so fast in my chest that I just couldn't' get the words out. How could I make it better? How could I say sorry? How could I make her believe that I really meant it?

"I am really, really , really sorry, Teefa. Please don't be angry with me." I said, finally.

Teefa looked at me and did not say anything for what felt like a very long time.

"You were very mean to me. I did not want to wear the same dress as you either. It was just a mistake, and you just shouted at me."

"I am so, so sorry" I said. What else could I say to make it better?

"Come on you two," cried a voice from the back of the classroom, "you can't let those snooty girls tell you what to do. You both look lovely in the same dress. Come with me."

And that was that. Ahmeti took us both by the hand and pulled us to the hall and just as she was about to push us on to the stage we smiled at eachother.

"I am so sorry" I said to Teefa.

"Don't worry!" she shouted over the music " let's dance!"

And we did. Who cares what anyone else thinks when you have good friends who help you have so much fun?