The Princess and the Magic Dice

A lot of my stories are about princesses, things about my neighbourhood and school, or my family. But I needed something amazing to win those ballet tickets. I spent days starting different stories then throwing them in the bin because I thought they weren't good enough. I had to think of something or I wouldn't get to see the ballet. I was getting worried. The last day for the contest was in a couple of days and I still didn't have a good idea. My mum could see I was worried. She said, ‘Well, why don't you just take a day and not think about the contest. If you put too much stress on yourself, you won't come up with a good idea. Tomorrow, how about you put the contest out of you're mind. Go and play, draw, dance, and do all of the things you love. Then you can come back to your story with a fresh start.' She was right. It's something how parents know exactly the right thing to say.

So the next day, I did my best not to think about the writing contest. It was hard, because I was still worried. But I tried to keep myself occupied with other things. The first thing I did that day was draw. Drawing with all my pretty, bright colours always makes me feel better. While I was colouring, I accidently knocked one of my pencils on the floor. It rolled all the way into the hallway. When I went to get it, I found a pair of dice on the floor. It was strange because my family and I always make sure all the pieces are back in the board games when we're done. But I just figured it was probably my little brothers doing. They always seem to get themselves into trouble. But when I checked all the board games, none of the pieces were missing. It was so strange that a pair of dice just magically appeared in the house. I decided to keep them just in case.

I wanted some fresh air, so I went outside into the yard. As I was walking I accidently tripped over a rock and dropped the dice. They rolled and one landed on the number 1 and the other landed on the number 4 adding up to 5. When I picked up the dice, I found 5 pieces stones on the ground next to them. They were so shiny it was almost blinding! They were so beautiful.

As I was looking at the stones, Marvin and Matty ran past me, knocking the dice out of my hand. This time they rolled and both landed on the number 1 adding up to 2. I was frustrated at Marvin and Matty for running into me, but before I could get cross with them, they were standing in front of me with their hands out towards me. They both had in their hands a freshly baked cookie. I was a little sceptical because surely they would have gobbled them up by themselves. But I took the cookies and they turned out to be mint chocolate chip, my favourite! ‘Mum made them. We thought we'd bring you some.' This was weird. They were being so tamed. After this, I realized the dice must be magic! But I wasn't sure. I needed more proof.

Later in the day, it was evening and I didn't have anymore evidence that the dice were magical. I was just about to give up when I was startled by a shadow on the ground. I dropped the dice again and they rolled into the bushes. When I found them they both had landed on the number 6 adding up to 12. When I picked them up, I realized that in the bushes there were 12 beautiful flowers. They were like no other flowers I had ever seen before. They looked like they were right out of a fairytale. And that's when I had the most brilliant idea. I grabbed a flower and ran inside the house to my room. I wrote and wrote all evening until I was satisfied with my story. The next day, I handed in my story titled ‘The Princess and the Magic Dice'. The story won the writing contest! And I was able to go to the ballet. It was amazing. I went with my mum, and she made the 5 beautiful stones into a beautiful necklace and the 12 flowers into a crown for me to wear to the ballet. And afterwards, she had 2 mint chocolate chip cookies for me. The night was wonderful! I felt just like the princess in my story.