I felt like I was floating and dancing like the little dragonflies above me. I imagined fairies riding on their backs. Suddenly one big, sparkly butterfly was carrying me on her back all the way back to my bedroom.

How lovely is it to dream? This is the first night I have had a dream in a long time. I think I dreamt of dragonflies and peace and prettiness because the night before I had a horrible dream of a monster in my bedroom. A big, black shape was sitting at the end of my bed and slowly leaning closer and closer to me. I couldn't breathe and I felt like something big and heavy was sitting on my chest. I was waving my arms trying to beat him off me. 

"Get off me!" I woke up screaming, and sweating. What was that horrid creature in my dreams? My mum came running into my room in seconds.

"Jun, whatever is the matter?"

"There at the end of the bed!" I screamed.

"But, there is nothing there my love, ssh, ssh!" she said as she stroked my hair, "everything is going to be alright. Ssh, ssh baby, ssh ssh!"

I don't usually like it when my mum calls me baby, because I am not a baby now. I am nine, far from being a baby, but this time it made me want to cry and curl up into her arms even more. I lay there in my mum's arms letting her stoke my hair for quite a long time. I can't remember falling asleep, but I can remember what the first thing was that I saw when I woke up in the morning. There, just where the monster had been, sat my dad, and next to him were five beautiful, origami, paper dragonflies.

"Good morning coconut" he said "Look what I have made for you! When I was a boy in Taiwan my Japanese grandma used to make them for me. She told me that dragonflies are symbols of light and love, and most importantly, happy dreams."

My dad and I hung the beautiful, delicate dragonflies on silver thread over my bed. As the summer wind caught them beneath their wings they floated and flew through the room. I am very lucky to have the parents I have - a mummy who wakes up in the night and holds me tight, and a daddy who makes me paper dragonflies to bring me happy dreams. I can't wait to go to bed now, to snuggle up and dream some more....mmmmm yummm...night night.