My Marvin and Matty and I literally jumped from our beds.  My mum had to stand with her whole body against the back door to stop us from running out without eating breakfast and to check we were warmly dressed!

"Don't be too long!" she screamed as my brothers and I ran out of the house towards the big, beautiful SNOW. I built a snow man, much taller than me whilst my brothers threw snow balls at each other and I dodged the snow fight. I thought I had managed to avoid the snow war until Matty crept up from behind me and placed one massive snow ball in my hood! He ran off towards the house laughing. I shook my hood and carried on building my beautiful snow man. I put some pebbles we had collected at the beach as eyes and buttons down his front, curved a row of red berries on his face to make a smile, put  a carrot where his nose should be, used branches as arms and took off my red hat and put it on his head to finish off the snowman look.   It was SOOOOOO cold!

"Oh my, you crazy, crazy creature, get that show out of your mouth!" grandma Mary screamed. She had come into the garden, followed by her sausage dog Toto but it wasn't Toto she was shouting at. Marvin let out a massive laugh, spitting a shower of pink flakes on to the white ground in front of him. "We're making a real slush puppy grandma" Matty said. And there they were with a bottle of squash in one hand and a snow ball in the other, turning the white mass bright pink. "Get that dirty snow out of your mouth!" my grandma charged towards them, grabbing them both by the hands and pulling them as they roared with laughter back into the kitchen. Poor Toto stayed in the garden with me hopping from one foot to another trying to stop his little paws from getting cold and wet.

"Come on little one" I said to Toto "I'm sure Mr Snowman is happy here protecting the snow." Grandma was feeding the boys big bowls of chicken noodle soup when I came in, and after giving me a big hug and rubbing me to get warm she placed a massive bowl of my favourite soup in front of me, and right next to my place a little snowman-shaped piece of white toast. What a happy day!