So here's my story:

Lights, Camera, Action!

This was one of the best days of my life. I'm sitting in the front row of my first fashion show. It's London Fashion Week and Jun's Fashion Empire is growing, my first premiere with Beyonce modelling my favourite dress!

After school I went to the London School of Fashion where I learnt how to design and create my very own clothes. I was top of my class at drawing; that was the best part, drawing clothes and designing new styles!

My best friend Teefa, who I've been best friends with since school, is sitting next to me and she's equally excited. We have been looking forward to this moment since we were little. I've always loved fashion, clothes and drawing, and after today I'll be a world famous fashion designer. When I found out that my agent had got Beyonce to model my clothes I knew I had made it! Teefa and I had loved Beyonce for as long as we could remember.

The music came on and the first model appeared wearing a short blue and pink dress. Teefa almost cried, this was her favourite piece that I had designed. She was so happy for me; it almost made me cry too.

The rest of the show was a huge success. At the end, I had to give interviews to loads of reports and take pictures with my models to be put in the newspapers and magazines. Vogue - only the best fashion magazine ever - took a picture of me and Beyonce; with Beyonce wearing my most popular dress!!

This was a fantastic day! I couldn't have dreamt of it being any better.
My teacher loves my story and made me read it out to the whole class. It made Teefa laugh and I was happy. You should all try and write stories thinking about what you want to do in the future and let me know! It's always fun to write stories.