This weekend I went to the cinema with my grandma and grandad. It was great! My friend Teefa came with us too. They took us to see a really old film. When we were in the queue (and it was a very LONNNGGG queue) of round old ladies in hats waiting for their tickets, my grandma had a big smile on her face.This is a strange thing because my grandma is very strict. My brother says she smiles about 10 times per year, and only when she is very VERY happy. 

Just when we were about to get to the ticket man, she whispered in my ear "This was my favourite film when I was young and pretty".  My grandad overheard her, and took my grandma's hand and squeezed it. He told her "to me you are always young and pretty!" This really made Teefa and I laugh, because my grandma went bright red!

The film was fantastic. I didn't think I was going to like it because it was old, and in black and white, but after ten minutes I start to really love the film and the elegant ladies in huge dresses. I don't think my grandma would admit it, but I am sure she had tears in her eyes by the end of the film!