Happy New Year! I am in Holland visiting my cousins. We've just had a big New Year's party with our family, followed by a huge firework display. It was SO cool!

After our dinner we wrapped up in our coats, gloves and scarves and headed to a big park. There were hundreds of people there, all staring up at the sky and saying 'aaahhh' and 'ooooh' and something in Dutch which my cousin Lily says means WOW! My favourites were the green and pink lights, like beautiful big sparkling flowers in the sky. Then all the firecrackers went off, making massive bangs. It was quite scary because some of the older boys were actually throwing the firecrackers. My uncles shouted at them because it is really dangerous. I couldn't believe the noise, it was just like Bonfire night but so much louder and brighter. Later, when we walked home, the streets were actually red, they were covered in wrappers from the firecrackers, and some people were even burning their Christmas trees! It was so much fun!

My cousin Lily is one of my best friends and I can't wait for February. Lily is coming to visit me in England for Chinese New Year. We are going to visit my uncle in London to celebrate. We're going to have the best time.