Today is my birthday! I am so excited. I have been celebrating all day. My friends have just gone home. We had a party at my house. It was a dancing party, so we played lots of music, danced a lot and played games. Teefa, Ahmeti and I dressed up, each of us had to wear something pink. We all looked great!

This has been the very best day ever! My parents gave me a bike for my birthday. It is beautiful. It is soft pink and has silver sparkly writing all over, and ribbons hanging off the handlebars. It is so pretty. My dad said there is a Chinese tradition that when you ride the dragon boat you have to put a hole through the dragon's eye, so my dad made a paper dragon's eye for me to burst, before I set off on my bicycle for the first time.

I loved it! Riding in the sunshine, through yesterday's puddles, making the pedals go round and making the bike go faster and faster. I cycled up and down the streets, round the block at least 25 times and then in to the park! I think mine was by far the best bike on the street! I am going to ride my bike everywhere.