Hanging out at Ahmeti's house

Luckily for me, one really good thing happened over the summer holidays. Ahmeti has moved house so she now lives on the same street as me. This means I get to hang out at her house even more than before and now it's even better because she has her own room! We've had such a great time just spending hours drawing stuff - I bring all my crayons and art things over - and dancing to JLS songs and jumping up and down on her bed. It's so cool that her house is so near to mine - whenever I get fed up with Marvin and Matty I'll come and hang out at Ahmeti's house.

I also had loads of fun with Teefa during the holidays. One day we went shopping with Teefa's Aunt Jackie - just round the charity shops because I only had £10 to spend - but we found loads of really great stuff. Teefa bought a new top and I got a pink skirt. I also bought a great game for Marvin and Matty that they will really like. It's called Hullabaloo and you have to jump around a lot and be noisy.

Now I know what you are thinking, why did I buy them a noisy game when I am always complaining about how much they bug me? Well, now I can go to Ahmeti's house for some peace and quiet, I thought the game would keep them busy and tire them out while I'm gone so that by the time I get back they might be asleep! And, despite everything, they are my little brothers after all and it's nice to buy presents for your family - even noisy presents!