My grandma recently got sick. I am a little worried, because grandma is almost seventy and I know it is not as easy for older people to recover from a cold. My parents took me to go see her after school on Friday, and even though she still needs the rest, she immediately got up when we arrived.

“Aiya!” She scolded my mum. “It’s just a little flu. Why did you make a trip up here?”
Though grandma seemed annoyed, I know that she was pleased that we visited.

“She has been in bed all day,” Grandpa told us later. “This has been the most energetic she has been since last week!”

I know grandma does not like people to worry over her. She likes to appear strong - as the pillar of the family. But, even the strongest people need to be taken care of once in a while!  

We bought grandma all of her favourite Chinese foods: buns, spring rolls and turnip cake. Grandpa had told us she had lost her appetite, but she finished all of the things we bought! I’ve learned that one of the most important things about being a Go-Giver is caring for other people. Even though we kids cannot diagnose sickness or buy medicine, we can still help by being kind and caring. Most importantly, we should spend time with the people we care about. Even though we had bought many foods for grandma, I know she was most pleased because we went to visit her. For the rest of the afternoon, Marvin, Matty, Grandma and I played cards and mahjong together. Grandma looked much better by the time we left!