I want to be a dancer when I grow up or a singer like Beyonce Knowles or perhaps a writer like the author who came to visit us at school. She was really funny. Her real name is Polly Wild but Teefa and I called her 'Wild Polly' because her hair was really huge and fluffy with black and bright red stripes. She told us some really funny stories and asked us to close our eyes, imagine the characters and paint our own pictures of them. I really liked it.

Dancing is my favourite activity, and writing stories is my second favourite. My third is chatting! Teefa is my best friend. Teefa and I set up the Chatter Gang. We talk about boys and dancing, and go to the cinema together at the weekend. It's fun!

Last week we got into trouble for passing notes. I don't usually get into trouble at school but Mr Jones told us off about the notes. He read them out to the rest of the class. I was really embarrassed! I almost cried in front of everyone! I really hope he doesn't tell my mum and dad - or my brothers! They are twins and they are ten. They are always in trouble and try to get me into trouble too.