Last month our class put on a special anti-bullying assembly. We wanted to show the school how we are all special in our own ways. It's probably no surprise that I chose to show my talent for gymnastics! I created a routine and practiced it all week. I had always wondered what it would be like to be the one waiting behind the curtain, ready to go on stage in front of all those people. Now I know because I was there! Let me take you back to that moment.

Ahmeti went on stage first. She read a poem about how she felt when she first came to England. I had to wait my turn behind the big red curtain at the side of the stage.

I peeked out from behind the curtain out onto that sea of heads and seeing all those eyes that in a few minutes would be staring at ME. 

My tummy turned to jelly and my legs felt like weights. I just couldn't move! I had a million thoughts whizzing through my head: What if I go to speak and no words come out?   What if I just freeze up? What if the worst thing imaginable happens -  I land on my face from a flip!? Then everyone would start laughing at me for sure! Some anti-bullying assembly that would be.

 I was just about to give up and go hide away when I felt a tap on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear. "You're the best gymnast I know. Go out and show the school how great you are! I will be in the crowd, clapping the loudest". I turned around and saw Callum dressed to do some skateboarding tricks. His face was pale and he looked scared too. "Yeah, ok, even big boys like me get ‘stage fright'. But its ok. My dad told me that all the best performers get it..."

Standing at the side of that stage I made a very important decision.  If I'm going to be a great singer, dancer or gymnast ( I haven't decided yet which one!), then I need to face my fear. So I ran out onto that stage, and guess what? I performed my routine the best I've ever done it. I didn't fall over once.  In fact, at the end of my routine everyone was clapping and as promised, standing at the back was Callum, making the most noise!

What special talents do YOU have?