Last week I was itching to get out and play and I knew Anna would be at the park playing football, so I went there to watch her and practice my tricks. As Anna and her friends ran and kicked, I flipped my red ball into the air and caught it with my tail. Then I spun around and bounced the ball up onto my nose and up in the air once again. I was having a great time and getting into a good rhythm when I heard a voice.

"Look at that little mouse go! He's amazing- I must speak to him!"

I turned around and saw a very tall man walking towards me. At first I was a little frightened, but then he knelt down, and I stood up very tall, holding my red ball with my tail.

"Hello little fellow, my name is Frederick," the man said. "You are very good with that ball. How would you like to be in a talent contest?"

I got very excited at the idea, and began to squeak, but just then Anna came running over from the football pitch.

"Sir, this is my mouse, Digby," she said. The man smiled, and offered his hand.

"Hello dear, I was just telling Digby here that my name is Frederick, and I'm an animal talent agent. I'm looking for an act for a talent competition on Saturday, and I think your mouse would be just perfect! That is, if you agree."

Anna looked thoughtful for a moment, and then turned down to look at me. "Well Digby, I guess it's all right with me. If you want to, I mean."

I squeaked back happily, and so Anna told Frederick she would bring me back to the park on Saturday for the competition. For the next two days I practiced very hard, I barely had time to nap and eat cheese! Then it was the big day, and I was nervous! But Anna told me everything would be fine, and I was the most talented mouse she'd ever met. And it didn't matter if I won or not, she'd still love me just the same.

I performed for a big crowd of people, and some of them were judges. There were lots of other pets too. I flipped my red ball into the air, twirled around, jumped, leaped, skipped, and practically flew! Everyone was whistling and clapping and cheering the whole time, and when I did my final spin and catch, everyone got twice as loud. Anna came over and picked me up and gave me a big hug, and Frederick patted me on the head.

The winners were announced, and I won a prize for "Best Crowd-Pleaser"! One of the judges pinned a ribbon on my fur, and handed me a big hunk of cheese. I was very happy, I'm so lucky to have people who believe in me!