Well, you are completely wrong! As much as I love cheese, cheese eating generally only happens three times a day. The rest of the time you can find me playing hide and seek with my friends Rover and Boxer, cleaning up Anna's desk and some times her bedroom, looking out the window for cats, but most exciting of all lately, you could find me practising for the Indoor Mouse Olympics! That is right! Me, Rover and Boxer are organising the first EVER mouse Olympics next week. The Location: the Marsden family's bathroom. Yes that is right, we're even going to turn the towel rack next to the bath into the spectators gallery, where the audience sit, Marshall, he's a retired sports mouse, older, a granddad and a little tubby, well he is going to do the commentary and blow the whistle from the soap shelf on the wall. Lettie, Marshall's granddaughter is going to wave one of Anna's handkerchiefs to start the races.

There are going to be twelve events including a relay race with teams of five racing up the shower pole and down again, a tug of war with the chain on the plug, a long jump with chopsticks Marshall has collected from the kitchen just for the occasion over the sink, a relay swim in the sink and best of all, and my favourite of all, a competition to see who can do the most forward rolls in the fastest time down the slope of the bath. It's going to be so much fun! Anna doesn't know so ... sssshhhhhhhh about that one. As far as Anna and the rest of the world knows I am just a regular, brown pet mouse. I sleep, I eat cheese and I squeak all day. I know my secret is safe with you.