After a long, hard year of ...well, eating cheese, making friends in the mouse holes of Anna's house, resting, exercising and the day-to-day tough routine of your average house mouse, or pet mouse I should say, all these things feel a million miles away.  I am just lying here resting my body with a tummy full of delicious cheese, oooh it is so good to rest but what would make it really perfect is if once in a while some one could scratch my back and give my shoulders a little massage...that would be B-L-I-S-S!

I am on holiday with Anna and the little one, her brother. So whilst they are out there running around like crazy on the beach, I have got my own little piece of Heaven, up here on the window sill of Anna's room.  I say window sill, but I'd rather we call it a balcony thank you very much.  And that Anna of mine, she is a little darling. She has built me a hammock from one of her mum's silk scarves.  Extra luxury but also extra risk as I am not sure what her mum would say if she found me wrapped up in it!  But I am worth it aren't I? Surely an extra special mouse like me needs a little luxury once in a while?

So, I spend my days here holidaying whilst the family are on the beach, lying in my hammock, snoozing, waking, stretching, yawning and having a little nibble on this delicious stilton cheese that Anna has smuggled from the kitchen. I wander out onto the balcony in the morning, do my morning exercise, a few push-ups, a little jog, well a mouse like me has to keep fit you know! After all, you never know when a fine lady mouse holidaying by the seaside is going to cross your path!

The truth is that I am not supposed to be here. The other day I saw Anna packing her bag, and when she wasn't looking, I snuggled in, under the zip and into the inside pocket of her bag. "Digby!" I could hear her shout as she opened the bag "you can't come with me, Mum will get so cross!" and she scooped me up in her hand and put me back on the bed. But I jumped back in! I wasn't giving up that easily. I quickly squeezed all the way to one side of her bag and into a pocket so she wouldn't find me. "Digby!" she shouted again, crosser this time, but I was safe and sound, stuck in the nice, warm pocket.

"Anna! Hurry up! Get down to the car now or we'll leave without you!" her mum called. "Ok!" she shouted, "and you," she said as she unzipped the bag and waved her finger at me "are not to make a sound on the journey."  And we were off!

And here I am, living life to the full! On my holidays!  Chunk of Stilton in one hand and my red beach ball in the other.  This is the life!