I was talking to my friend Rover about it, and asked him for some advice. Rover told me that I should let Anna get on with what she was doing. ‘After all,' he pointed out, ‘she still plays with you all the time, and she still loves you.'

‘But what about when she's not around? I get lonely.'

Boxer told me that I should think about Anna more.

‘You care about Anna a lot, don't you?' He asked me.

‘Of course I do!' I replied.

‘Then you should think about what she wants, and not just what you want.'

I understood exactly what he meant. I wanted to spend more time with Anna, and I wanted her to spend more time with me. I was being selfish and only thinking about what I wanted! Rover helped me to see that what I wanted was not always the only important thing. I love Anna and if she wants to go and play football with her other friends, then who am I to say she shouldn't! I've got lots of other friends, like Rover and Boxer, to play with. But at the end of the day when Anna comes home, I'm still always there for her, and she's always there for me.

Now when Anna's at school, even though I miss her sometimes, and I know that she misses me, I know too that she is going to be having fun with her friends, and I go and have fun with my friends! And since I haven't seen her during the day, we have lots of fun talking about what we've done that day. Plus, we still get to spend the whole weekend together, and play during the holidays!

Sometimes it's better to think about others before yourself, it's made me feel better, and Anna and I are having more fun than ever!