So, I have been listening lots. She puts me in the warm palm of her hand, strokes my back and tells me her worries. And although Millie has some worries, I know she is going to be just fine because she is made of some very special stuff. She is so kind and thoughtful, and clever and strong.

Lovely little Millie is feeling a little sad. She tells me that her mum and dad have been fighting and she isn't feeling happy. Us mice would say that she has the blues, and us mice would tell you that the best way to beat the blues is to eat blue cheese, but I am not sure Millie feels the same way about blue cheese. I left her some on her pillow last night but she said: "Yuck Digby, thanks, but it stinks!" So I ate it all up in one big bite....mmm yumm!

I'm staying with Millie until she feels a bit better. Last night she told me she had talked to her mum. She whispered in her mum's ear and told her that it makes her worried and sad when her mum and dad shout. Millie told me that her mum held her very tight and kissed her on her head and said "I am very, very sorry my little one, but you do know we love you very much don't you?" 

Then her dad came upstairs to tuck her in to bed, and as I was hiding under her pillow, I could hear him reading a lovely story about a girl who sails the world's seas on a beautiful, pea green boat. Mille really liked that. From beneath the pillow I could see her dad giving her a big hug and stroking her hair until she was fast asleep.

Now we're all looking after Millie. It goes to show how very important it is, even if you are as quiet as a mouse, to tell people how you feel so they can look after you!