That’s where I’ve spent the past half an hour - hooked by my tail to the big hand, pushing the little hand with all my might, in the hope that time will go faster. Try as I might, nothing has come of it, and here I am waiting. I tap my toes, I wiggle my fingers, I nibble on a bit of cheese, chase Tom’s ping pong ball under the bed - but it’s half past eleven, and I am still here.

When Anna finally comes home she finds me curled up on her pillow, warm, sleepy and dreaming of sweet cheese. I stand up. I stretch. I yawn. YIPEEEE its time to play! Anna is sitting down now; her back to me, playing at the desk. What game could that be? I jump on to the desk and she takes out a pencil. Maybe this is a new game? Maybe she’ll make a see-saw for me with her pencil case as the base. Now what is she doing with that pencil? She’s starting to write. I watch for a little while, crouch down low and then I make a run for it and jump high, grabbing on to her pencil.

“Stop it Digby!” Anna giggles, “I have homework to do”.

I jump off the pencil and wait for the next game to begin but she just keeps writing, practising her curly-wurly letters. I jump on to her notebook and trace the letter ‘e’ with my paw.

“Move over Digby, I am working” she says.

I can’t believe it! Doesn’t she want to play? Well, I do! I am sure I can find a way to make her laugh, and then she’ll want to stop.EUREKA! I know what, I’ll do a cartwheel over her notebook, that’s got to make her laugh.

I rub my hands together, stretch my legs and prepare for lift off. I point my right foot and stretch out my right hand. I’m upside down now whirling towards her open notebook page. But what’s this? I hit something with my tail…Anna’s beaker of orange juice has just run down her clean, white note book and onto Anna’s knee.

“DIGBY!” she screams, jumping back in shock from the waterfall of orange juice streaming over the desk, “What have you done?” Anna’s eyes start to fill with tears. “What will my teacher say?”

She screams and runs out of the room.I feel terrible. I have made Anna cry. What have I done?Anna goes to sleep early.

“I’m very, very sorry” I whisper in her ear but she just rolls over on her pillow, fast asleep. I don’t sleep much that night, thinking about the mess I made.

In the morning Anna strokes my head “Good morning Digby” she smiles softly but she still looks upset. Her mum writes a note for Mrs Compton about the ruined notebook, and she leaves for school.I spend the morning pacing up and down along her desk - the scene of the crime.

What can I do? I spot the red pencil lying on a piece of clean, lined paper. I grab the pencil and hoist it over my right shoulder, putting the nib of the pencil between two lines, and press down hard. e - first a straight line, then a curl “Don’t take your pencil off the page until you have made a perfect, curly wurly e,” I tell myself. Well, its not perfect but I’ve done one so I can do more!I keep going, writing lots and lots of curly e’s.

By the time Anna gets back I am fast asleep slumped over the pencil on her desk, my paws black with pencil.

“Thank you Digby!” Anna says, squeezing me close.

“I am very sorry.” I whisper rubbing my whiskers next to her ear.

“Guess what Digby,” she has a massive grin on her face now, “next Friday we’re having a pet assembly at school. Do you want to come with me?”

Now it’s my turn to smile. “I’d love to!” Anna strokes my head. We sit down together at her desk, get out her notebook and we move her pencil around the page together practising the next lovely letter, the capital “B”.