I've been trying to think about other things you can give at Christmas that don't cost much money - or even better, no money at all!!

Mmm, it's quite difficult to think about presents you don't need to buy. Can you think of any? Ahh, I can think of something! Hugs. They don't cost any money but people always like to get one! Entertainment. That can be free. I could do some tricks with my red ball to entertain everyone and Anna could read a poem. I've thought of something else, Anna could write a special note in her best handwriting promising to do something, like "Dear Mum and Dad, I promise to wash-up after dinner every evening in January" or "I promise to hoover the living room carpet twice a week".

Now I've started thinking about it there are lots of presents people can give that don't cost any money! They can give time to help someone with something or give friendship and love by making someone a cup of tea or giving them a cuddle. Phew! I don't feel as worried anymore and am sure this Christmas will be the best Christmas ever!