Caring for animals and pets

Through my research for the RSPCA I found out that there is a world animal day on 4th October.  This day is also listed in the Go-Givers Awareness Calendar, which is an area your teacher can open and find out special days to remember or celebrate at school. Here is the website, maybe you would like to tell your teacher about it and your class could do something on this day too. I am planning to do something special for this day, but I'm not sure what yet. Any ideas? Ana also told me that her teacher did a Go-Givers lesson called Creature Kindness, which helps you think about how you should treat animals, especially pets

Speaking from the point of view of a pet, it really is important that your owner looks after you and cares for you. I am very lucky to have such a kind owner like Ana, who plays with me and makes sure I have enough exercise and fun things to do and she knows what to feed me and how often.  Do any of you have a pet or maybe you would love to have a pet, but a grown-up has said you need to wait until you are little older before you can have one. It is lovely having a pet dog, cat or even mouse or gerbil, but we all need a lot of love and care and sometimes when we are not feeling well, we have to be taken to the vet and this can cost money, sometimes a lot of money. All these things need be considered before getting a pet.

That's about it for this blog entry because it's the beginning of a new term and I have lots to do. But remember have a look at the RSPCA website, think about what you can do for World Animal day on October 4th and always be kind and caring to your pets. Till next time-take care.