Being a small mouse you would think there would be a million things for me to discover and do in Anna's bedroom wouldn't you? Toys to play with, pillows and socks to sniff and snuggle up asleep on, shoes to play hide and seek in... Well, you would be very right in thinking so, but it's just not the same when you have to do all that snuggling, playing and exploring all on your own! The truth is, that sometimes I get lonely, and on some days I do get bored.

All that changed last Tuesday. I had just dined on the finest piece of Emmental cheese crumbs that my lovely friend Anna had left behind for me, and I was about to catch up on some beauty sleep. I was lying on my back on Anna's pillow, my paws stretched over my tummy, spread out.

"Mmmmmm... I feel nice and fat and full, the perfect time for a little snooze...", I thought to myself .

I began to drift into a deep sleep when suddenly I heard a funny little scratching noise. I kept my eyes shut, ignoring the scratching and then I heard a little voice:

"Sssshhhh....stop scratching.", and then another,

 "It's alright, he's sleeping, the coast is clear."

Who was it? I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be sleeping.

I didn't want them to find me awake, I was really quite scared. I turned over on to my side and from the edge of the pillow I could see down to the carpet. There, on the floor, there appeared to be little flaky, white bits of paint falling on the floor as something pushed through a little hole in the wall!

I kept one eye on the hole and the other closed. Who could it be? What could it be? I was scared now. I have heard that all kinds of animals living in people's houses, and that cockroaches, woodlice and even rats can tunnel through walls!

"Mmmmmm I smell cheese!" The second voice called out, "we are in for a treat!"

Two sets of whiskers appeared from the hole. Well, cockroaches don't have whiskers, and whatever it was was too big to be a woodlouse. Could it be a rat? A cat? A badger? I kept my eyes tight shut. I was terrified!

As I lay there, I heard two creatures scurry under the bed. I could hear them climbing onto the table. It sounded as if they were balancing on my table, scratching at my saucer about to eat my cheese!

I'll quickly grab the pencil on the bedside table and I'll show them whose cheese it is they're  eating!", I thought to myself.

"Mmm Emmental" the first voice squeaked "my favourite!"

I opened my eyes. Two mice sat on the saucer - one brown, one white!

"What are you doing here?" I shouted.

"Ooops!" the white mouse gasped. "We are so sorry. We thought you were sleeping. It's just that we are very hungry."

"We're so sorry. Now please... we come in peace, please put the pencil down." The brown mouse pleaded, his paws now up in the air.

I looked at them - from white mouse to brown mouse and back again. They were harmless and, best of all, they liked Emmental and maybe we could be friends. I slowly put the pencil down, but they still stood there looking worried. Finally I smiled and said  

"Don't worry. Have it all! There is more where that came from. I'll tell you what, why don't you pop in for lunch tomorrow?"

And do you know what? They did. They came for lunch and we played hide-and-seek in Anna's socks and shoes, snuggled up in the pillows and played hoola-hoop with her hair bands, and the best bit is, I'm not going to be lonely and bored anymore now I've got Rover and Boxer, my two new friends!