First to tell their tale was Mimi. She is a really pretty mouse and one of the first friends I made when I became Anna's pet. Mimi loves to travel and has been to many places in the world. So we were all excited to hear of her travels. ‘So where did you go for holiday, Mimi?' we all wondered.

‘Only one of the most beautiful places in the world,' she responded. ‘Can you say ‘the city of lights?' I went to Paris. It's one of my favourite places. The beautiful gardens to run around in, the streets full of shopping. And the cheese, oh the cheese! It's the best in the world. I had a wonderful time and brought some Parisian cheese back for you to try.' ‘WOW!!!' we shouted. We were all very excited. We love cheese and I love trying new kinds. The cheese she brought back was truly amazing! I know where I am going for my next holiday.

Next to speak were Scotty and Sally. They are a couple who are originally from Wales but now live in London. They returned to Wales for their holiday to visit friends and family. We have been friends for many years and I was looking forward to hear about their trip.

‘Wales was so beautiful,' they said. ‘The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the flowers were in full bloom. Wale's national flower, the daffodil, could be seen everywhere we looked. It was wonderful taking hikes and seeing all the other animals there. We saw lots of cows and sheep. They were very nice. We did meet a couple of geese who weren't so nice, though. They kept squawking every time we passed by! It was kind of funny, though. We went to the beach on the coast. It was covered with beautiful stones and pebbles. There were little red boats and dogs who played catch. They were a little scary at first because they were quite bigger than us, but they were very friendly. At night, the sky was filled with stars. Since we were so far from a city, we were able to see them so clearly. It was great looking up at the stars, finding constellations, and hearing the cows mooing in the field next to us. It was an amazing trip!'

Scotty and Sally went on to tell us more about visiting their family and friends and going on many nature hikes. The party was great and we all made jokes, laughed, ate, and shared stories about our trips. The party must have been louder than I thought, because Anna had to knock on my door twice to tell us to keep it down. Oops! But it was great spending time with my friends and hearing about all of the places they travelled. I definitely have new places I want to explore on my next holiday.