Animal Testing: What Do You Think?

Anna suggested the topic because, as my best friend, she is always standing up for me. Especially because I am just a wee little mouse and don’t have a voice of my own. She wants to make sure she is looking out for me.  Not just me, but all animals who can’t speak up for themselves. 

So last night before dinner, I perched on the keyboard while Anna did some research on the internet.  She found something on CBBC Newsround about animal testing.  Animal testing is when scientists test medicines on animals to make sure they are safe for humans.  Often the animals get hurt or even die in the process. Mice like me are some of the most common animals used! 

Well, you can imagine how Anna reacted to this! She was really upset; she couldn’t stand the thought of anyone hurting my body or my feelings!

Last year when I was fundraising for the RSPCA (see my previous blog), I learned that all pets need love and care.  I sure do!  But I guess I had never thought about what other rights I have.

Anna learned in her research that there are laws for the protection of all animals, even if they aren’t pets. 

It got me thinking: should I have fewer rights than people?  Is it fair to test on animals if it develops medicines that save human lives? Can animals feel and think like humans?

If I knew Anna, or anyone in her family was sick, and that testing on me or my mouse friends could save them, then maybe it would be worth it.

It’s a big question, and many animal rights activists (like Anna!) disagree with scientists who are also trying to make life better.

What do you think?