An adventure in and out of Anna's pocket

A few weeks ago, Anna's school went to the V&A Museum to the Make a Difference Challenge Celebration Event. Children from different schools chose an issue and did something about it to make a difference in their community. At the end of the Challenge, everyone comes together at the event to perform something about their campaign.  As you can guess, this was too good to miss! On that morning, Anna agreed to smuggle me into her pocket so I could watch!

Safe and warm inside Anna's coat pocket, I could hear lots of kids chatting about the day ahead. When we arrived, Anna went to the cloakroom with all the other kids to hang her coat up. She was just about to take me out of her coat to put me into her trouser pocket, when her teacher hurried her to take a seat in the main hall.

I waited until all the noise had died down before I popped my head out of Anna's coat. When I did, all I could see was a sea of coats in the cloakroom, but no Anna! I had no idea where she had gone. I looked around.  There was only one kid left in the cloakroom. I followed him to see if it would lead me to Anna. Digby was on a mission.

I scurried along the floor and through some doors until I found myself...on stage! I couldn't believe it. I quickly hid behind a chair in the corner and hoped that no one would see me. I looked for Anna but I couldn't spot her.  A pupil on stage was talking about his class raising awareness about the use of real black bear skins for guardsmen's helmets and the welfare of stray dogs. I agree that animal rights are very important!  Another school focused on ‘Safety on the Streets' - something else very important to a mouse! They had invited a local Councillor to speak to their class.

I was so gripped by all these performances that I almost forgot I had lost Anna... until she appeared on stage! She was so confident and I could really tell that she cared about her cause- animal welfare. I was about to make a quick dive for her trouser pocket, but there were too many people around and it was too risky. So at the end of the day, I scampered back to Anna's coat pocket.

When Anna got back to the cloakroom she took me out of her coat and said:

‘Oh Digby you poor thing! I brought you all the way here and you have been stuck in the cloakroom the whole time! I'm so sorry. I'll give you some extra cheese when we get home.' I smiled. Not only did I get to see fantastic performances, but I got extra cheese as well! What an awesome day.

Did your school take part in the 2012 Make a Difference Challenge?  Did you spot me there? Send me a message to tell me all about your school's project!