What a day I’ve had! This lunchtime, I was helping Anna and her friend Ahmed tidy the classroom for their teacher (well I was whizzing around having fun while they cleaned!). As Anna was carrying a huge pile of books back to the bookshelf, she suddenly lost grip of them. Ouch!  They fell right on top of Ahmed’s big toe.

Mrs Wright was worried that Ahmed’s toe might be broken so Ahmed’s dad came to school to take him to hospital. Anna wanted to go with Ahmed. She was really worried and felt very guilty. Mrs Wright said she had to stay in school though. When nobody was looking, I climbed onto Anna’s shoulder and told her that I would hop in Ahmed’s pocket to keep him company in hospital.

‘Accidents happen, Anna. Don’t worry’, I whispered into Anna’s ear.

When we arrived at our local Accident and Emergency department we had to wait a little while. We could soon see why. There were some people there who had much worse injuries than Ahmed and some who looked very sick.

Soon a lovely nurse came to see us. He took Ahmed for something called an x-ray. This is like a photograph of the inside of your body. It means you can see through to the bones. Luckily Ahmed’s toe wasn’t broken so the nurse strapped it up with tape and gave him some medicine to stop it being so sore.

There have been lots of people on the news recently talking about our hospitals. People have said some nurses and doctors are not providing good enough care. This makes me sad because Ahmed’s nurse was lovely and made him feel much better. Nurses do everything from saving lives, helping us be healthier to fixing poorly toes. Pretty amazing! Anna’s Mum says we are lucky to have a National Health Service (NHS) in this country. This means we can see a doctor or go to hospital and it is free. It is paid for through the taxes that adults give.

Have you ever been to hospital? Did you have good care?

Do you think that hospitals should be free or do you think care would be better if everyone paid each time they went?