I know she doesn't like me, she never has. I tried telling my dad but of course he wouldn't listen. He's always too busy shouting at the telly and smelling of beer to listen to me. He'll definitely listen now though, now that Ms Effgrave has written a letter home!

We had an English lesson this morning. She was in a silly mood. I was a little late but only because all the older students where blocking the corridors and I couldn't get through. I tried to explain this to her but she gave me a detention anyway. I then went to sit down but someone was sitting in my seat! It was Millie an annoying girl in my class who just wanted to sit next to Amender who I'm supposed to sit next to. I tried to ask her to move but Ms Effgrave started shouting at me AGAIN!

"Callum stop disturbing the class, you're already late! Now sit down!"

Of course she didn't shout at Millie who was sitting in the wrong place. I didn't bother saying anything - it would only make matters worse, so I sat at the back of the class quietly. I didn't say anything for the rest of the lesson, so she couldn't shout at me anymore. Finally the lesson ended and I was able to go and play with my friends outside in the sun. I was dreading the end of the day when I had my detention.

Three thirty arrived and I had to go.

"Come in" said Ms Effgrave. "Now Callum, what has gotten into you?! I've had enough with you always turning up late, disturbing my lessons and never focusing. You are very clever and need to care about your school work! Find a quite place at home and work!"

"But Ms! I didn't mean to be late! Then Millie was sitting in my place and I didn't know what to do. You never listen to me Ms! I didn't do anything wrong." I asserted. I was getting very angry, I knew I shouldn't speak to her like that and that I would get in to trouble, but I just couldn't help it.

"Quiet! This is a detention. I didn't ask you to speak! Detention all week"

I'm stuck! It's not fair! What should I do?