We're Organising a Massive Gig!

It's not just a great place to skate, so much has happened to me here. So many times when my dad has come home from the pub, shouting at me and pushing me about, telling me to do my homework, to "watch my language", winding me up I have ended up here. I escape, climb out of my bedroom window, jump on to the roof of the garage, skate board in hand, and shin down the neighbours' ladder. I run to the skate park like the wind, and jump and skate for as long as I want. I can see my dad's face in my mind. He is swearing, and I can almost smell his breath, as stinky as a beer bottle, as he shouts in my face. I skate harder and faster and don't come home until I can't skate any more. It always works. I creep back into my room and sleep, exhausted but miles better.

So now they've decided to close te park down, we are going to put up the biggest fight - and we are going to win! There is no way they are going to close down our skate park! Marty, my mate, says it's his home. He doesn't literally live there but I know exactly how he feels. How can you shut down someone's home?

So, this is our plan, we're writing one letter, one email and making one phone call per week to people at the council. We've set up a meeting with the guy at the council who is responsible for young people, but because we don't want to waste time waiting for the council to take action, we've also created a petition which me, Teefa, Ahmeti and the rest of the Go Givers gang and the skaters at the park are taking round to as many people as we know. We've also talked to loads of people at school and we hope that by organising this massive, great gig we'll get even more people to see how great the skate park is and how important it is that they join our campaign. To show off the park, me and Marty are going to give skateboard lessons to the little kids.

When you start making a noise about things that aren't right, you can get people to listen. You'll be surprised just how many people you can get involved. Marty's dad is an electrician, and his mate's got speakers, and they are going to help us set up the kit for the band. Teefa's brother is training to be a chef, so he's going to make and sell popcorn and loads of other food, and Teefa says she's going to do the shouting on the microphone to get every one to listen.

This is the first step on a long fight to save our skate park. It's going to be a tough one, but we're determined to win. We're going to make as much noise as we can, and make sure that every one hears all about it!