You can't possibly get better than that! I am so happy but it also shows that if you put your mind to it and get as many people as you can to support you, you can really make a difference! You have the power to get things done and get adults to listen to you! We did get lots of help from adults but you see I think the most important thing for the council to realise is that maybe for the first time a group of younger people spoke to them and told them how much we cared about having a space lots of other people could hang out in! And look what happened! It goes to show you don't need to be an adult to have a voice, children and young people can make changes too!

Tonight we are going to have a small party to celebrate and my dad, can you believe it ‘cause he normally only speaks to me when I'm in trouble, is going to let us have the party in OUR house! All my friends are coming; Dan, my auntie's friend who helped me so much, the Go Givers lot and even a guy from the council are coming to eat with us. My mum's making my favourite chicken and jacket potato slices, we're going to watch a video of the concert we held at the skate park that a friend of Dan's made and my nana, granny X has even baked a massive, delicious chocolate cake! Teefa says she is bringing the balloons and her brother gave her some miniature skate boards that she is going to put on the cake! I cannot wait! But the biggest and the best celebration for me and all of us is going to be taking that first skate, taking that first Ollies (the basic jump!) down the new ramp, in our skate park, the skate park that WE, children who don't even get the chance to vote, saved for us and every one around us and all the future skaters of Manor Park!