My Auntie Sallie has come to stay for Christmas. Her plane landed two days ago. Sal, as she tells me to call her, lives on a beach in Thailand where she works in a bar with my Uncle Joe. My dad says that officially he's not my uncle because they aren't married. I don't think my dad likes Sal much. She speaks back to my dad when he shouts, and doesn't let him boss her around. I think she and Joe are great. I can't wait until I'm 18, when I will be able to visit them in Thailand and learn to surf.

I'm glad Sal is here. I don't really care that much about Christmas, my dad usually drinks too much then shouts at my mum, and my grandma usually spends the day sleeping like a bag of potatoes in front of the T.V. or bossing us around in the kitchen.

After Christmas dinner, Sal and I found my grandma and dad slumped asleep on the couch, they both had paper hats on and their heads were bumping together as they snored on each other's shoulders. So Sal took the keys to my dad's car and we crept out and drove around the neighbourhood trying to spot the houses with the tackiest Christmas lights.

It is crazy how far some people go...the people at number 38 have a huge Santa covered in lights climbing up the house, fake snow on the roof and a huge red Merry Christmas sign in the front window. It must've cost them a bomb to light the house, but they've put a sign outside the house asking anyone who looks at the decorations to leave a donation for a children's charity so, as crazy as it looks, at least they are doing some good! Sal is leaving just after new year's eve, but has promised to come to the skate park with me before she goes. I can't wait to show her my new jumps!