I've been to the skatepark everyday after school and worked on new tricks. I was going to be spending the weekend at my dad's house, but he said he would bring me to the competition, and my mum and her boyfriend would meet us there. All of my friends said that they would come and cheer me on too! My mate Marty is also competing, and some of the other boys that I hang out with at the park.

On Saturday I woke up feeling really nervous! My dad gave me some calming tea but I barely ate or drank anything. All I could think about was nailing my moves! When I got there, I saw almost everyone I knew waving at me. All the Go-Givers, Teefa and Ahmeti were waving signs that they'd made that said "Go Callum you're the best!" Gary and his bandmates gave me high-fives, and my mum and Sam came over to wish me good luck. Then I had to go sign my name on a sheet of a paper and get a number pinned to my back, and then wait for it to start.

I was shaking when it was my turn, but as soon as I started skating I forgot about everything. I let the wind take me, and just pretended like it was any other day. I almost fell once, but I steadied myself, and finished the ramp! When it was over I was happy - I wanted to win but even if I didn't, everyone said I did really well.

But guess what? When it came time for the prizes, I got the blue ribbon for number one! The judges said I had the best skill all round and looked like a pro the whole time. I was so happy I ran over to my mum, dad and Sam and gave them all hugs. Sam looked surprised at first, but then he smiled. My little sister Lilly was there too with some of her friends, and she came up and hugged me around the waist. I lifted her in the air and hugged her back, and let her play with my blue ribbon. What a great day!