Some people at the council have decided to demolish the skate park! Can you believe it?? They are going pull the whole thing down. If they do it means that my friends and I won't have anywhere to skate, and lots of children will have nowhere to play. It makes me so mad!

The skate park is a great place, full of brilliant ramps and space for us to do jumps and practice and have fun. I know it is getting a little bit old and my favourite wooden jump is getting a little bit wobbly with the rain, but it is still the only place in the area where we can skate!

I told my dad and all he said was:

"That's life, son."

"Gee, thanks, that's really helpful."  I thought to myself.

"It just isn't fair" I said, instead.

"Well, son, life isn't fair." My dad said.

My dad isn't right; life doesn't have to be unfair, and there is no way we are going to let them just close that skate park down.

My friends and I are going to make sure the council listen to us. We're going to try and stop them from closing the park down, or, at least, get them to build a new skate park. As you'll see, we've got a great plan!

We are going to start our very own Save the Skate Park campaign. The first thing we are going to do is make a petition and get everyone, every single friend, family member, friendly and not-so-friendly person on the street, in our school, in our youth club, in our football team to sign the petition. That will make the council realise that lots of people want to keep the park open. Then we are going to try and speak to some one on the council, and if that doesn't work, we'll keep shouting and making a noise until the council hears what we have to say, and listens to how important the skate park is for everyone!

My skate friends and I are meeting tonight to come up with a plan, and to make some posters. There is no way we are going to give in!