It's really cool at the new skate park, most of my friends skate, and tonight we were trying to do kick flips, that means kicking the board and flipping it around, for those of you who don't know. It's really tough. Danny fell off his board in the middle of it. He was gutted. I skated for ages, it's the best feeling in the World when you jump. There's this moment when you just know you could fall flat, but then you feel like you are flying, just before you hit the ramp again. I want to be a pro-skater, I want to be the best.

Tonight I skated 'till every one had gone home and then I kept going, faster and faster, perfecting my jumps, perfecting my 'ollies' - that's the basic jump.

Sometimes when my dad really gets on my case I think I should just give it all up and run away to California where the best skaters hang out and become a pro-skater. We went to London with school last year, we were on the South Bank where there are loads of skaters. They are really cool. They've taken over this massive space beneath a big old theatre, it's full of tagging and cool graffiti and loads of young people skating and jumping. If I don't make it to California maybe I can make friends with some future pro-skaters there.

I only feel like leaving home when my dad gets on my nerves. I don't actually think he likes me much to be honest. My dad is a builder and as long as he's working he's fine. He buys flowers for my mum, sweets and presents for me and my sister. He even bought me some new wheels last time he got a big contract, but when he's not working he sits around the house most of the day drinking beer and shouting at the telly. He fights all the time with my mum, and she cries a lot more. Sometimes I wish I could just scream at him "JUST SHUT UP!" but he'd go absolutely mad.

I don't trust him sometimes. I know he is holding back from hitting me and getting really mad. When I was little, and he got mad at me and my little sister Lilly, he'd smack me really hard on the back of my legs. I know that deep down he is not all bad, he can be really nice to Lilly, maybe because she is only 7. When he's working a lot, he's happy and helps me loads with my board during the weekends. It's just that he seems angry most of the time, and when he drinks he's either really nice and really funny, or really dangerous.