Dad seemed pretty stressed out tonight. It’s probably because he has been working so hard for the past couple of days. When dad said he was going to the supermarket tonight, I thought he was going to buy beer. In the past, whenever he said he’s going to the supermarket (especially on a Friday or Saturday night) I always lock myself in my room. When dad drinks, he always says cruel and mean things. I know he doesn’t always mean them, but it still hurts my feelings to hear them.  When it gets really bad, he starts criticising me, telling me how stupid I am because I can’t read. It’s not that I can’t - my dyslexia makes the words jumble up together!
Picture of Callum by the door

But what happened tonight was strange - instead of buying beer, he bought back paint samples. He knocked on my door, and asked me to come out. He told me to go to the living room, and on the carpet, were dozens of different colour samples. He began telling me about what kinds of colours work best with each environment. I just sat, listening and learning.

I’m not quite sure what to expect from dad. I know dad is trying to give up his old habits, and I see now that it’s actually working. I only hope he keeps it up!