Well, you all know about my skate park, which I still love by the way, but you see over the summer some older kids from my neighbourhood have been hanging around in the smaller kid's park nearby. Normally I don't bother with the older kids, as I have my own friends my age, but they were all on holiday and I got a bit bored. So one of the days I got chatting to one of the older kids about boarding and different moves he could do on his skateboard. Anyway, I ended up hanging out with this kid and his friends more and more. I knew dad would not be happy, because some of them were way older than me, like 17 or 18!

It was all going ok, until one day, one of the older kids starting drinking a can of beer right there in the kids' park. I didn't want to say anything or act uncool, so I just sat chatting away as normal. But you'll never guess what happened....The police were in the area and must have spotted our big group of kids in the park and decided to approach us, just to see what we were up to- you know a group of teenagers in a kids' park can look a bit dodgy, at least this is what I hear my mum and dad say all the time. As they got closer some kids ran off. This just made things worse and so the police took all our names and addresses.  The next thing I know, I am back home and the police are at my door talking to my dad.

When they left, my dad called me down to the lounge for a chat! He wasn't cross, just disappointed. He made me realise that even though I wasn't drinking and there is nothing wrong to be hanging out with your friends, it's better to be friends with people your own age and even if you are with older people, a park is a place where little kids come to play and they don't want to see big kids drinking. I was so glad when Pete and Ahmeti and my other Go-Giver mates came back from holiday. I still see the older kids and I say hi, but it's much better hanging out with my friends and other kids more my age.

Now I said that I had some cool news about my holidays too.....I got my photo in the local newspaper- how fab is that? A reporter from our area heard about my efforts in trying to keep the skate park open. He decided to come and interview me, which was very exciting.  He came to our house and asked me lots of questions. I felt very important especially when he told me that I was a great role model for younger kids and that it was nice to see a teenager doing something for the whole community. We then went off to the park with my board and he took photos of me doing some skilful moves and some more with me and my boarding mate- who are my age!! The headline in the paper read:

Teenager plus local park equals happy community!

It's a good job I have learnt my lesson about hanging out in parks with big groups of older kids!!