Dad told me that he's sick of not having a job.  He says there's nothing for him in the job centre.  He told me that when he left school he started a course at college, learning to be a painter and decorator, but that he didn't finish it.  He said he's been in touch with the college, and that because he's been unemployed for a long time he might be able to go back to college and finish what he started.  He was really excited, telling me that he wants to start his own business painting and decorating people's houses.  The only problem is that it might mean he won't be around as much, like when I come home from school, and that worried him. 

I told him it's not a problem! I can always go round a mate's house, or Mum's, or even homework club.  I've got my phone, so he'll always know where I am.  Dad smiled, but he was still a bit quiet. I asked him what was the matter and he said that he was worried about everyone else on the course being younger than him, and that they might have more skills and practice. 

I had a think, and then it hit me! If Dad wants his own business then why not start now?  He looked at me like I was crazy, but I told him we could make some leaflets and put them through people's doors. It would be good practice, and Dad could charge them a special rate as he's still learning. We could start with friends and people we know. I could see Dad's eyes light up!  I'm loads better on the computer than Dad, so I designed a really cool leaflet - with a picture of Dad with a cape with ‘Super G' on it, for Gary.  Dad was amazed when I showed him, he said he could never do something like that. It made me feel really good to be able to help.  Dad gave me a big hug and told me we were a team, Super G and son!

I met Mitali at the shops and told him about Super G and son. He told me how his Nan is always moaning about her front door needing painting, and that he'll bring her phone number to school so Dad can give her a call.

Dad's got a meeting at the job centre, to talk about college, and maybe starting up a business. He says he needs to talk to someone who knows the rules, like how many hours he can work while still claiming benefits, so he doesn't get into trouble.

Dad's changed.  He's smiley, and he seems taller somehow.  He says it's because he's got a plan, and he feels like he's in control.  I want to help as much as I can - any ideas?