Winter days are nearly over!

This winter I tried to go outside whenever I could. It wasn’t too cold at first, so I would still go out and play football when I could. When it got colder, I would stay inside and play with Digby, or do my homework.

Some days, when it was cold outside, I would curl up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watch a film with Digby. We would watch anything about adventure or sports. Sometimes Mum would make some popcorn and watch with us, and Ben too.

At the weekend, when we got to stay with Dad, Ben and I would sometimes play games, like hide and seek, or colouring with crayons. Dad let us make sweet treats out of whatever we could find in the kitchen, or make chocolate mud from leftover cereal. Then we’d go outside and throw snowballs at each other, and make forts!

A few times Millie came over. We would play with Digby a lot, and take turns talking about things that were bothering us. If Mum was busy in the kitchen or on the phone, I would show Millie how to pass and juggle the football. But only very softly, so we wouldn’t break anything and upset Mum! We also enjoyed using my telescope and looked at the stars at night when we had sleepovers.

But guess what? It’s almost spring time, and that means it will be warm again! I can’t wait to run around, climb trees, and play football again with my Sea Stars. The winter is fun, and there’s lots to do inside and out, but I like the warm weather best.