The Olympic Values: Respect, Excellence and Friendship

‘Yes!’ I thought. This is my chance to win gold.

We all lined up and waited for the whistle. We were off!

I was way ahead of everyone...when I heard a yelp and thump behind me. It sounded like Ahmed.

I didn’t look back, I kept running cos I was so close to the finish. But my feet couldn’t move as fast.  I couldn’t stop worrying about my friend.

I slowed down, turned around and ran back past all the other kids to see that Ahmed was ok. He was limping and had grazed his knee. But he was using all his energy to keep going and pretend he was alright.

I looped my arm through his and we walked slowly together towards the finish line. Flo was racing towards us at full speed and I thought she was going to bump straight into us, but she slowed down for a moment to let Ahmed and I pass.

Ahmed and I both came last.

There was no chance I would get gold now, I thought.  But at least Ahmed was alright.

Mrs Wright told the class that winning is a good aim to have, but it isn’t always the most important one. The medals were for kids who had shown Respect, Excellence and Friendship, the three Olympics values.

Mrs Wright said: ‘Today someone fell and bumped his knee, but he got up and he kept going until he crossed the finish line.’

She gave Ahmed the medal for Excellence. 

‘Today someone respectfully slowed down to avoid hurting another person’.

She gave Flo the medal for Respect.

 ‘Today someone sacrificed their own wish to win, to help a friend’.

She gave the medal for Friendship!

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect to get a medal at all!

Does your teacher award medals for Respect, Excellence and Friendship? Let me know! Your teacher can find these medals at the Go-Givers online shop.