The Excitement of Christmas

Tonight we closed our eyes very, very tight and made wishes next to the tree. I love my beautiful, sparkly Christmas tree!

I am so excited about Christmas. We've put up a huge tree in my living room and Ben and I were allowed to choose all the tinsel and decorations. Ben likes the big silver baubles and I like the purple tinsel. We tried to make the tree as colourful as possible. My mum says it looks a bit much, but as my Miss Gough my teacher says, you can never have too much colour. My favourite thing to do at Christmas is to walk very quietly into the living room at night when I am supposed to be asleep and watch the tree sparkle. It's always very, very quiet but the tree just stands there surrounded by big, fat presents shining and sparkling so brightly. I could watch it for a very long time.

Last night I crept down the stairs with my little brother Ben to watch the tree and make Christmas wishes. We managed to creep past my mum in the kitchen, she was dancing with the mop to the radio so even when Ben tripped up on the last stair she didn't hear him squeak. All was fine until Ben started crawling under the tree and squeezing the presents to guess what they were and who they were from. The tree suddenly started to wobble and sway and all the little bells on it's branches began to ring. Before we knew it, my mum was there, running to rescue the tree and looking really angry.

Ben was fine, and the tree is fine, but now my mum says she is keeping a close guard on the living room in case we even dare creep down the stairs again in the night.

I love my beautiful Christmas tree!