One day, I am going to discover all the magical creatures of the deep, blue sea.

I am going to ask my dad for a snorkel and a mask for Christmas so I can see everything there is to see in the deep blue sea. The mask, by the way, isn't really a mask, it's just a silly name for a big, pair of glasses that lets you see everything under the water.

In the swimming pool when I try to swim under water I can hardly see anything at all. It is all blurry and the water makes my eyes sting but the minute you put the mask or some goggles on you can see absolutely everything. You can see the fishes, all the pretty shells and rocks and those funny water reeds that brush against your feet when you try and get into a muddy lake. They always make me giggle and scream, because when they tickle my feet it makes me think there are fishes nibbling at my feet!

I am not old enough yet to use the snorkel and mask but last summer my dad took me and Ben, my little brother, to the aquarium. It was amazing! There is a massive, see-through, greeny-blue tunnel full of all kinds of fish in the aquarium. We were walking along, looking up, Ben had his mouth wide-open of course, and suddenly a school of very pretty, shiny silver and blue fishies swam very quickly over our heads in the tunnel above.

"Those fish are flying!" cried Ben.

"That's because they are angels, Ben" said my dad. Ben and I looked at him, puzzled

"Those fish are called angel fish. They aren't flying they're just swimming very fast because......."

My dad was about to explain when suddenly he shouted "Watch out you two! That's a shark!"

My dad pointed, as the bright white belly of the huge beast passed over the glass tunnel above us.

He wasn't the only huge beast with a white tummy. Ben and I spent a long time squashing our noses against the glass watching some very funny creatures. They looked like beautiful white diamonds flying and dancing in the water. My dad says they are called Sting Rays. They have long tails and they look like they are floating and having so much fun in the water.

I wish I could join them! One day I am going to learn to snorkel and then I am going to dive to the bottom of the sea to swim with dolphins and turtles, octopi and angelfish. One day, I am going to discover all the magical creatures of the deep, blue sea.