I just love the sunshine, don't you? Running around, kicking the football with my team, Ben cheering us on from the sidelines. What a great time! When we take a break from playing, we make sure to drink lots of water and reapply our sunscreen. Make sure if you're outside, on the beach on holiday or just playing in the park after school, that you put on sunscreen every couple of hours. You don't want to get a sun burn because it really hurts!

I remember one time I went to Brighton with my mum, Ben and Digby. It wasn't a very sunny day, but we still played in the sand for a long time, and went on all of the roller coasters at the pier. It was so much fun! I remember Ben and I were eating our doughnuts (and I was sharing with Digby...shh!), and my skin started to really hurt. It felt like it was all tight to my body, and it burned a lot. I told my mum, and she asked if I had put on the sunscreen she gave me when we were on the beach. "Well it wasn't very sunny or hot so I didn't think I needed to," I said. She scolded me, and told me that you can get sun burn even when it doesn't look like it's very sunny! I had to wait until we got home so I could put lotion on, and it still hurt for a couple of days. Mum made me wear a hat and sunscreen for weeks after that!

Uh oh, I think it's time to go! Maggie, Flo and Em just rang to say that they want to go practice some more for our big game next week. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and don't forget to protect your skin and drink water!