My teacher wants each one of us to write a report of the things we got up to in the summer and present it to the class next week. Do any of you have to do that? Perhaps you're having the same problem as me and you can't remember what you did.....? You know you had some fun days and some boring days, but that's it!! I really wish I had kept a diary for each day. Did any of you keep a summer holiday diary?

Right Anna think! I am going to make a list of the most important things I did and hopefully I will remember the rest and have enough information for an exciting report about my summer holidays. Here goes:

  • I played football in the park a lot. We used lots of sun cream and wore a hat. I have really learnt my lesson about always using sun cream and thanks to your messages in my previous blog entry, lots of other children have also learnt about the importance of sun cream.
  • Digby and I went to the beach twice and to the skate park to watch Callum take part in another skating competition.
  • I played tennis with Pete a few times. He really is a fab player and it's very hard to beat him.
  • I helped my mum tidy our garden and plant some beautiful, colourful flowers.
  • I read a lot of books.
  • I went shopping with my mum to get my some new things for school. I had to get a new pair of school shoes. I found out that my feet have grown a lot since the last time I got new shoes!
  • I went to the cinema with Teefa and her mum.

Wow! When you think of it as a list, I really did do a lot this summer and my list really has helped me to remember. Now all I need to do is sit down and turn my list into an exciting report. I think I am going to call Jun to find out what she has written; she is so good at writing reports and stories. Maybe some of you could also give me some advice to help me write a good report? I would also love to hear 2 or 3 things that you did during the summer break and if any of you had to write a report on your summer holiday.

Once I have written my report and presented it to my class I will let you know how things went. Until then, enjoy being back at school and work hard because, as we all know, the year passes so quickly and in no time at all it will be those summer holidays again and your feet will have grown a whole size!