Sea Stars Championship Game!

Some of them were older than us and looked like giants! But Michael, Sam, Danny, Jack, Maggie, Em, Flo and I all worked together to win the games. Now, the season is ending and we've made it to the championships. Only one team to beat and we get a nice, big, shiny trophy with a football on top. I really wanted that trophy. We all did. So with one week before the big game, we practiced every afternoon after school. We had grown together as a team and passed the ball a lot and worked great together. The practices were really tough and I was so tired after playing so much football. Sometimes I would find myself falling asleep in school the next day! My teacher definitely did not like that.

The night before game day arrived. We all sat in the middle of the field after another long practice, talking about how we were going to win. Flo said, ‘I hope we win the game tomorrow. That trophy is so pretty!'

‘It is really pretty. It would look great in our room for sure!' replied Maggie.

Sam added, ‘It is a nice trophy....but wait! Why would the trophy be in your room? Who said you get to keep it all to yourselves?'

‘Well, we are half of the team and do a lot of the work. If it wasn't for our dribbling techniques and passing skills, we wouldn't even be at the championships,' replied Em.

‘Please! If it wasn't for our brilliant kicking ability we wouldn't have scored any goals! We should obviously get the trophy!' yelled, Danny.

This was getting out of control. I had to stop it some how. ‘You guys, we are a team. We shouldn't be arguing. Let's just get some sleep and rest up for the big game tomorrow.' ‘You're right, Anna. Let's get some rest and we'll see you guys tomorrow,' said Maggie. But as Maggie, Em, and Flo walked towards their house Em shouted back, ‘Be sure to work on your passing, Sam, it was looking a bit sloppy!'

‘Sloppy? You mean your kicking was sloppy,' Sam replied as they walked towards their home. I really hoped things would be better in the morning. They just needed to see that we are a team.

Game day had finally come and the team was still at odds with each other. The first half was awful! The other team scored 4 goals. Maggie refused to pass to anyone other than Em and Flo, and Danny didn't pass to anyone other than Sam and Jack. We were totally split on the field. There was no communication. It was like we weren't even a team. At half-time, I knew I had to do something or there was no way we would win the game. ‘I told you to work on your passing. It's totally sloppy!' yelled Em.

‘Me? What about you? You're kicking like the girl you are!' shouted Sam. Then everyone just started bickering. Things were getting out of hand. ‘STOP!' I shouted. ‘We are a team. We shouldn't be arguing with each other, we should be working together to win this game. That's how we won the other games. Not because of Em's good passing skills or because Sam is good at scoring goals. It's because we worked together. Obviously, separately we can't win. But when we work together, we can make great things happen.'

‘You're right, Anna. What are we doing? We're a team. We're the Sea Stars!' shouted Maggie. ‘YEAH!!! GO SEA STARS!' everyone cheered. Things were finally back to normal.

In the second half, everyone played so much better. We passed to one another and communicated very well. And with Ben and Digby on the sidelines cheering us on, the other team had no idea what they were in for. We ended up scoring 5 goals in the second half, winning the game. The Sea Stars were champions! We decided to put our nice, big, shiny trophy in the tree house where we always meet. That way anyone of us could see it whenever we wanted. It felt so great to win the championship and the trophy. But it felt even better that we did it as a team.