This means we get to do something really fun in science, and show our parents, all the teachers and everyone. It is going to be so good. I can't wait. I want to do something with lots of funny shaped, pink, purple and green coloured bottles - and make explosions. If I make it, I can't show Ben, because I know he'll be naughty or break it.

Ben is my little brother. We always play together. Mum says he is too little to play football with Mitali and me in the park, but he is really good. He is 3 and a half. He is naughty and always in trouble, my mum is always telling him off, the ladies at the nursery, who are always very smiley, always tell him off. Marjorie, the old lady next door, who gives us sweets on Sundays, says he is like chocolate, 'naughty but very nice'.

My dad does not live in our house. He doesn't live in any house, he lives in a flat. He used to live with us like all the other dads, but he and my mum used to shout a lot. One day I woke up and they were in my room. They sat on the edge of my bed, holding my hands. They both looked like they had been crying a lot. My mum said that Daddy was moving house, but that we would see him every weekend and that it still meant that he loved Ben and me much more than the moon and the stars above - and my dad really loves stars. He is an astronomer, which means he watches the stars with a big black telescope and sometimes we go with him to the place called "the university" where there are some really big telescopes, and you can see all the stars.

Every Friday my dad picks us up from school and takes us in his car to his flat. It's smaller than our house and it doesn't have a garden to play football in, but this is where we build dens with my dad.

Last time we put a big white sheet over a clothes rail in the living room and made a tent. Because Ben and I were so good he let us make chocolate mud. Chocolate mud is delicious.You take the best bit of the chocolate cereals, at the end of the pack, and mix it with milk to make really yummy chocolate mud. Delicious!