The audience was so glued to watching the track that nobody ever guessed there was a little mouse catching a glimpse of the action.

Not even my mum (and she notices everything!).

We saw Jessica Ennis win gold in the women's heptathlon! Do you know what a heptathlon is? It is made up of seven different events. It includes:

1) 100 metre hurdles 2)the high jump 3) throwing the shot put 4) running 200 metres  5) the long jump 6) throwing the javelin 7) running 800 metres

Phew! You must have to train so hard to do all of that. I was over the moon when Jessica Ennis won, because she is from Britain and is a girl, just like me! I Someday I hope it will be me on that Olympic podium receiving my gold football of course.

Do you ever daydream? What is your favourite thing to daydream about?

The summer holidays ended soon after the Olympics, but my Olympic medal dreams did not. On Monday I was sitting in class staring out of the window imagining the whole world's eyes watching me. The British national anthem filled the stadium and the audience was cheering and calling my name.

I didn't think that anyone would notice me daydreaming. But then Mrs Wright told me off for not listening! She shook me right out of the stadium! It was a good thing that I came back from my daydream, though, because we were about to start my favourite lesson-- PE!