My name is Anna, I am 5 and I love strawberries, climbing trees and running with my dog Digby through the park. My little brother is called Ben, he is 3 and even though he is little, he is one of my very best friends.Some times he can be very naughty. He likes to hide things, anything in all kinds of places, including himself. Guess what his favourite game is? Hide and seek of course.

Last Saturday it was raining like crazy, my mum was working in the living room and wouldn't let us watch T.V so Ben and I played hide and seek around the house.

Ben is very good and very small. He just kept winning. On Saturday he left me to count to 20 in the bathroom, I counted slowly and out loud and then I stopped..... silence! Where was that little boy hiding?

I waited and walked very quietly, jumping over the cracks in the floorboards with my tippy-toes, there was no way he was going to beat me this time. I would find him - if it was the last thing I did. I was very very, very quiet, searching very, very, very quietly under his bed, my bed, inside my mum's massive wardrobe, everywhere. Then I heard a knocking and the muffled sound of my name. He had to be in that very room!

I started to giggle. It was funny and exciting to think he was so close but I just couldn't find him. Ben started giggling too, a squashed giggle as though he was laughing in a box. A big, Ben-sized box.

"I'VE GOT YOU!" I lifted the lid of the toy box and there he was, curled up like a little laughing bean. It was very funny, so funny I laughed until my tummy hurt!

What's the best hiding place in your house?